Review: “Boda Mexicana” at Queens Theatre

Bright, beautiful costumes with joyous music create the perfect setting for “Boda Mexicana,” or “Mexican Wedding” at Queens Theatre (in the park). This latest offering by the Calpulli Mexican Dance Company is another example of the troupe’s highly professional and consistently appreciated presentations. Their latest performance earns shouts of approval and applause from the audience. The story of two soulmates Abril Anchondo Reynaga and Roberto Lara who are threatened but not conquered by an evil sorceress (Grisel Pren Monje) is rhythmically uplifting. Their meeting, courtship, introductions to family and friends and their wedding ceremony is jeopardized. Of course, there’s a happy ending with dozens of dancers and musicians providing energy and optimism. Artistic director/co-founder/costume designer Alberto C. Lopez Herrera meshes perfectly with choreographer Roberto Lara and his clever storyline. The audience has no difficulty following the characters as their unmistakable affection grows, is brazenly challenged, and then finally triumphs. Music director George Saenz provides high-quality guitarists, violinists, a tuba player, a drummer and singers whose music resonates with Mexican pride and power. Bravo!
Throughout the performance, huge beautiful, scenes and designs are projected against the rear wall (designs by Ariel Rodriguez Mores). Supporting dancers Yuritzy Govea, Stefanie Roper, Juan Castano and Christopher Cortez perform with disarming skill. The unmistakable warmth and affection of provided by another dozen performers helps bring the audience to a final standing ovation. Queens Theatre’s Executive Director Taryn Sacramone has returned from maternity leave with energy and enthusiasm. She greets the audience before opening curtain while house manager Willy Mosquera, at her side, offers his welcome in Spanish. There’s much more onstage this spring. Call 718-760-0064 or visit As always, save me a seat on the aisle. – Cliff Kadsen, Queens Courier

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