Mission & Vision


Calpulli Mexican Dance Company’s mission is to celebrate the rich diversity of Mexican and Mexican-American cultural heritage through dance-based programming including live music. To this end, the organization produces the following:

  1. Professional Performances via its touring company
  2. Arts-in-Education and cultural enrichment programming
  3. Community outreach activities that are free or low-cost and target the underserved Mexican and Mexican-American community

Calpulli celebrates the rich dance and music traditions of Mexico’s diverse cultural history interpreted through its unique artistic vision. The fresh, vital repertoire honors Mexico’s past and Mexican-American cultural expression in the United States. Calpulli Mexican Dance Company also does business as Calpulli Danza Mexicana.


Calpulli Mexican Dance Company’s vision is to reach audiences globally with high quality artistic works and captivating stories and cultural narratives and productions. It also seeks to be a premier educational resource for teachers and students excelling in cultural enrichment through the performing arts. Lastly, Calpulli aims to serve our community with accessible, high-quality community programming and performing arts training.